Syndication Log Format

Syndication Log Format

If you are playing songs that were not included in automation logs, you will need to upload a log listing these songs. The format for the log is:


  • Date formatted as MM/DD/YYYY
  • Time formatted as HH:MM:SS (24 hour time)
  • You can leave 'syndicator' as is or replace with anything that helps you remember where the song was played from (such as the name of a syndicated program).
  • Artist name
  • Song title

File Rules

  • One song per line
  • No blank lines
  • No quotation marks in the text
  • The file should be a .txt file

09/30/2021|22:47:48|The Fun Syndicated Show|The Rolling Stones|Satisfaction
09/30/2021|22:51:02|The Fun Syndicated Show|Aerosmith|Come Together
09/30/2021|22:55:37|The Fun Syndicated Show|Deep Purple|Smoke on the Water

If there are any issues with the log formatting, a message will be displayed at the top of the screen telling you which rows to fix. Please fix the log and reupload the file. Once uploaded you will get a message that it was successful.

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