Our Team

Meet the SurferNETWORK Management Team

With an average 13.5 years of streaming experience, our team members are our greatest asset.
Bill SurferNETWORK



Co-founder and keeper of the plants.

As a co-founder of SurferNETWORK, Bill has embraced the opportunity to do whatever it takes to move the company forward. Having a diverse operational background was helpful in starting a business from a blank piece of paper. Bill believes that he is privileged to help people grow both personally and professionally.

Harry SurferNETWORK



Inventor extraordinaire.

As the original visionary of SurferNETWORK, Harry is always looking for the next big thing. He has invented many technologies and authored an extensive list of patents.

Vickii SurferNETWORK


General Manager

Ring leader.

Over the past 18 years Vickii has done many of the jobs at SurferNETWORK during one time or another. Now she helps keeps things running smoothly using her experience and expertise. Outside of the office she's happiest cooking, hiking, traveling, or spending time with her family.

Will SurferNETWORK


Sales and Marketing

A customer's best friend.

Seven years ago he was a kid with a head full of dreams and a passion for music and radio. Now he is our bearded customer advocate. He tries to bring a bucket full of laughs to the office, but usually everyone is just cringing. In his spare time he enjoys homebrewing beer, exploring the wilderness, and enjoying live music.

Radu SurferNETWORK


Lead Developer

Code guru.

Radu enjoys solving problems and tackling new ideas. He involves the whole team in the development process to make sure the end product meets everyone's expectations.

Kathi SurferNETWORK



The money lady.

Kathi brings a background of 20 years in full charge bookkeeping. She has worn many hats from Operations Accounting Management to Mixologist. She is a people person with the love of family, cooking, gardening, hiking, and sports.

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