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Submitting your SOA
Submitting your ROU
Initial Setup for Commercial Broadcasters

  • Login or create a Licensee Direct account here:
  • On the home page select the Manage your accounts icon.
  • Using the navigation menu on the left-hand side, select the appropriate calendar year. This will open a station list.
  • This will open a service list based upon Statement of Account (SOA) submission. (As a reminder, noncommercial webcasters must submit separate SOAs per station or channel.)
  • Select the relevant license type and service. This will take you to your year-to-date summary.
  • Hover your mouse over the blue Minimum Fee button.
  • Select Confirm from the drop-down menu.
  • Review the information on the minimum fee submission page.
  • - If the information is correct select the green Mark Ready for Certification button. The text will change to Go to Certification.
    - If the information is not correct, select the red Amend Information button. This will open an email preaddressed to the Licensee Relations team, in which you should request any corrections. Once those corrections have been made, you will be notified to return to Licensee Direct and begin again.

  • Select the green Go to Certification button.
  • Review the certification language.
  • Select the check box at the bottom of the page confirming that the information listed is accurate.
  • Select the green Certify button. This will certify the submission and bring you back to the summary page.

Here are some helpful hints:

  • Name of Service will be your company name
  • Check the Transmission Types that applies to the station(s) you are listing on the form: 'AM/FM', 'Internet only', or 'Both'

Minimum Fee Webcaster

  • This applies to FCC licensed AM or FM stations ONLY who do not exceed the $1,000 yearly minimum fee per station/channel.
  • Any station new to reporting can start out filing quarterly ROUs until they exceed the yearly minimum to give them an idea if it will be an option moving forward.
  • This really only affects 24/7 syndication stations and others who cannot or have not connected automation. In that case, we need 2 weeks worth of appropriate logs.

Statement of Accounts (SOA) and Report of Use (ROU)

  • This report is the total number of performances for the month. That number is calculated in our Customer Control Panel, if we have your song data.
  • SOA is submitted to the Licensee Direct Portal. Your company will need a login from SoundExchange to access this portal.
  • Previously broadcasters were able to submit a Microsoft Excel version of the SOA, but this is no longer an option (as of 2018).
Using Licensee Direct Running Reports in CCP


  • The ROU will be emailed to the address you specify when you run the report from our Customer Control Panel.
  • As long you have accurately filled out the necessary information and checked your song data, this email comes to them totally ready to go and no modifications need to be made.
  • You can forward the email you receive from our Customer Control Panel directly to SoundExchange at
    • If you would rather submit via the Licensee Direct Portal, save the attachment from the email, unzip, and upload the text file.