Yearly Setup for Commercial Broadcasters

SoundExchange, Inc.
P.O. Box 75202
Baltimore, MD 21275

Here are some helpful hints:

  • Name of Service will be your company name
  • Fill out Lines 3-5 if you are enrolling one station; or page 3 for multiple stations and check the box above Line 3
  • Check the Transmission Types that applies to the station(s) you are listing on the form: 'AM/FM', 'Internet only', or 'Both'
  • Check 'Nonsubscription transmission'

Minimum Fee Webcaster

  • This applies to FCC licensed AM or FM stations ONLY who do not exceed the $500 yearly minimum fee per station/channel (which would be around 23K performances per month as of 2018).
  • Any station new to reporting can start out filing quarterly ROUs until they exceed the yearly minimum to give them an idea if it will be an option moving forward.
  • This really only affects 24/7 syndication stations and others who cannot or have not connected automation. In that case, we need 2 week's worth of appropriate logs.

Statement of Accounts (SOA) and Report of Use (ROU)

  • This report is the total number of performances for the month. That number is calculated in our Customer Control Panel, if we have your song data.
  • SOA is submitted to the Licensee Direct Portal. Your company will need a login from SoundExchange to access this portal.
  • Previously broadcasters were able to submit a Microsoft Excel version of the SOA, but this is no longer an option (as of 2018).
Using Licensee Direct


  • The ROU will be emailed to the address you specify when you run the report from our Customer Control Panel.
  • As long you have accurately filled out the necessary information and checked your song data, this email comes to them totally ready to go and no modifications need to be made.
  • You can forward the email you receive from our Customer Control Panel directly to SoundExchange at
    • If you would rather submit via the Licensee Direct Portal, save the attachment from the email, unzip, and upload the text file.