Drive Traffic To Your Website with Google Ads Scripts

Google Ads Scripts

Do you find maintaining your Google Ads campaigns taking up far too much of your precious time? Or perhaps you have yet to get started and find out just what Google Ads Scripts can do for you? You'll be pleased to know that there are a multitude of free Google Ads Scripts to help do the hard work for you by making automated changes in your Google Ads account!

Google Ads scripts not only automate different parts of your advertising campaigns, but also provide you with tools to help make each and every one of them more successful. All you need to do is download the script you need (for free!), copy and paste the code into the script editor of your Google Ads account, and it's ready to go!

Here is just a sample of what is available:

  • Ad Performance Report - Automatically creates a report with important metrics. Includes not only raw data, but graphs for easier review!
  • Ad Customizer - Keeps your ads up to date with the most relevant information about your product, and can update values like price and availability in current ad campaigns
  • Flexible Budgets - Adjusts the billing schedule based on how the budget is spent across a specific period
  • Automatic Placement Exclusion - Identifies video ads that aren't engaging audiences and automatically identifies and excludes

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