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Why Ride the SurferNETWORK Wave?

5 Great Reasons...

5. Experience & Vision

  1. Industry Pioneers with over 16 years in business
  2. Original Vision: Providing a “just like radio” experience online since 1998
    • Patented Instant-On “Lightning Stream®” technology -no buffering, no waiting
    • Superior Audio Quality
    • Reliable service - 99.3% up time
    • Patented in-stream replacement audio / video ads and companion banners
  3. New vision: Transform online radio into an ad driven, multimedia experience MAKE ONLINE RADIO A REAL BUSINESS

4. Service & Support

  1. Rated #1 Customer Service with Live 24/7 support by SurferNETWORK employees
  2. Automated Set Up expedites the process and eliminates human error
  3. Pre-Configured Plug and Play™ streaming server options
  4. Customer Control Panel to manage all streaming features online from anywhere

3. Technology & Innovation

  1. Streaming platform that reaches most devices, operating systems and browsers
  2. Stream monitoring with email and text alerts when the stream is down or back up
  3. “Never Say Die” encoder and player reconnects when there is a temporary interruption
  4. Music Trivia Player displays artist bio, song lyrics, concert tickets, music videos and much more about recently played songs
  5. Automated SoundExchange compliance: provide reports with just a couple of clicks
  6. Premium ad replacement technology with all the tools for a successful digital advertising program

2. Advertising & Revenue

  1. 3 Major Components: Display, Gateway, and In-stream Advertising
  2. Display Rotating Banner Ads and allow sponsors to “take over” your player
  3. Audio & Video capabilities for Gateway and In-stream advertising
  4. Compatible with all major automation systems
  5. Interfaces with all major ad network vendors
  6. Optimizes multiple sources of ads being sold and served in real time
  7. Comprehensive audience reporting platform & ad management system

1. Value

  1. Best customer support in the industry
  2. NO CAP on audience size – no listener left behind!
  3. Get everything you need for one price – no a la carte pricing or hidden fees

"If you're trying to break into streaming your station audio, you can try doing it yourself. If you have any hair, you WILL wind up pulling it out. Better call SurferNETWORK before you go bald. We are some SERIOUSLY satisfied SurferNETWORK customers!"

David B. Treadway, Webmaster, US Stations, Hot Springs AR

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