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Podcasting How-To

This page will give you an overview of what your Podcast page might be like!

As shown below, you can display your Podcast as a list of programs, each with a link to the corresponding mp3 file on the SurferNETWORK server. Your audience can download and listen to each program separately by clicking on each link, or they can subscribe to your Podcast by copying the link to the optional XML feed file and pasting it into their Podcast client, such as iTunes or iPodder.

Listeners can simply click each program title to download and automatically start playing the linked mp3 file. They might also choose to "Save As" the file to their PC for later listening through any mp3 player.


  • Monday: Breaking News Music
  • Tuesday: Warner Brothers Theme Music
  • Wednesday: The THX Sound Logo
  • Thursday: Happy Birthday
  • Friday: Congratulations

You can subscribe to these programs, too. Simply copy and paste the following URL into your podcast client program where is asks for the "subscribe" link:
Note: this is just a sample and will not actually subscribe you to any podcast

What You Need:

  • A way to produce your content into a standard mp3 file
  • A standard browser to upload the mp3 file to our server

What Your Listeners Need:

  • Any standard mp3 playing software, OR
  • An external mp3 player, and
  • Podcasting client software


Click here for our main page on Podcasting


Contact us if you would like further information on Podcasting.



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