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SurferNETWORK offers full-spectrum support for Podcasting, the explosive new Internet phenomenon. Podcasting is well-suited for webcasting applications where the content becomes portable - that is, listeners download and save your program to listen to later on their portable MP3 player, such as an iPod.

Podcasting is simple to implement! You produce your program, and save it in MP3 format. Then, using your current browser, you upload the program files to the SurferNETWORK server, along with an optional text file that describes the content of your programs. The optional file allows your podcast audience to subscribe to your podcasts so they know when new programs are available and their podcast application (such as iTunes) can download them automatically.


Podcasting Applications:

  • Sermons
  • Lectures
  • Radio show segments
  • Special presentations
  • Sports programs
  • News and weather broadcasts
  • New music snips


SurferNETWORK has always been recognized as a technology leader in providing every specialized feature a broadcaster might need. Now in addition to streaming webcasting capabilities, video broadcasting, remote broadcasting, and conversion and storage of recordings, we are introducing integrated Podcast service. Please contact us to explore the integrated services we can offer and to learn why SurferNETWORK is the best choice for all of your internet broadcasting needs.


Radio stations

Use podcasting to reach your listeners on-the-go who want to hear selected segments of your program material on their schedule.


Podcasting can help churches and religious organizations to spread the Word to their members on-the-go, or share the sounds of their choir throughout the week

Personal Radio Stations

We offer simple and inexpensive ways to create your own Internet radio station. Can you see yourself as a talk show host? You don’t need a radio station -- broadcast a talk show on the Internet instead. Al Franken on the left -- Rush Limbaugh on the right -- and where do you fit in? Be heard!


You probably already have a variety of training material that your organization has created. We give you a way of making that content available to your geographically diverse and increasingly mobile employees – product demonstrations, training, replays of special company events – it couldn’t be easier!

Schools and Colleges

Schools, colleges, and universities can reach out to students, parents and alumni with podcasts of special events that their audience can listen to many times over – sports events, plays, graduation, a special lecture series, – any event of importance to them

Recording Artists & Filmmakers

Whether you have a lot of content or just a little, we make it easy for you to share that material on the Internet. You don’t even need a web site -- if you don’t have one, we’ll put up a web page for you. Podcasting allows you to reach a world-wide audience with downloadable recordings of your special performances.

How To & Demo CLICK HERE

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