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You can rest assured that SurferNETWORK streaming is reliable. We are in a state-of-the-art Tier 1 data center on the Internet backbone. Our encoding software has a propreitary add-on that restarts the streaming after Internet outages or other problems. SurferNETWORK's branded players reconnect themselves if streaming is interrupted.


We monitor all streams 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Log files capture events for diagnostics, reporting, and billing purposes. Our Station Status program shows us the status of each station, how many people are connected to it, and can also flag stations in trouble. Most of the time, we call the station before they even know their stream is down.

This webpage is up on every technician's screen all day. It lets them
know in real-time which stations are down and when they went down.


We can automatically alert you when your stream goes down. Alerts can come in the form of emails or text messages, and they can go to as many people as you would like. You can even manage your alert contact list through our Customer Control Panel.

Your first alert will be sent after the stream has been down for 20 minutes. After another 20 minutes, if the stream is still down, we send out a second alert. You will get a third reminder if the stream has been down for 24 hours. Your final alert will be sent when the stream comes back up.

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