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Text Box: Create your own 24-hour per day faith-based radio station, with music, your sermons, requests for donations, and religious items for sale. You can now use the latest technology to broadcast your message worldwide on the Internet. Reach out people who are at work, the disabled, or anyone unable to attend your services. Record your sermons for “on-demand” listening. Offer your on-demand sermons and services for a voluntary donation.

Even if you already broadcast your services on radio or television, our technology for broadcasting on the Internet offers you much more.

Create your own 24/7 faith-based radio station with your sermons, music, requests for donation, and religious items for sale.

  • Use our Internet Broadcasting technology to deliver your message to the people in your neighborhood or any where in the world.Christian radio stations gospel music and choir
  • Create your own 24/7 broadcast with faith-based music and even add your own choir's music too!
  • Broadcast live events (audio or video) like Sunday services, or make the service or sermons available ‘On Demand’. You can provide links on your website so people can listen or view any service you have recorded. 
  • We make the technology simple to use and very economical.

Accept donations for preaching gospel sermons and choir music.

How to...

We can put you on the Internet in several different ways. You could consider a radio station format that includes broadcasting help-line phone calls, to talk about applying your teachings to daily life, and to share so others may learn.

Charging your audience

Of course, you can provide your material for free to your audience. Or you can set up arrangements to accept payments and donations. You can offer a subscription service, charge a fee per download, or request a donation.

SurferNETWORK is one of the industry leaders in Internet broadcasting services and has been in business since 1998.  Our customer are very demanding, including major radio stations in the US and Canada, and people like you in the faith-based community. Give us a call for a free consultation and custom solution that fits your needs.

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