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Economic Recovery through the Creation of Jobs

A Proposal for a

Hurricane Katrina Regional Economic Recovery Plan

Objective: Create an Economic Recovery Zone Featuring Government Investments and Tariff Protections to Develop a Textile Industry Comprised of Dozens to Hundreds of Businesses Employing Tens of Thousands of Workers

The Situation is Bleak, and Not Improving:

Use the Tragedy of Katrina as the Opportunity to Rebuild Our Nation’s Manufacturing Base

Central Concepts of this Proposal:

Necessary Industry Characteristics:

The Target Industry – Textile, Clothing, Shoes:

Funding the Project:

A Protected US Industry in an International Arena:

Combine Market Force Dynamics with Government Funding and Protection to Foster World-Class Competitive Industries

Constructing an Industry to Assure Success:

How to Begin


  • Establish a Hurricane Katrina Economic Recovery Zone
  • Provide subsidies within the Recovery Zone to establish new businesses in the textile industry
  • Protect this textile industry with trade barriers and tariffs
  • Expand the role of state Economic Development Authorities to oversee the development of this industry
  • Enlist the participation of the private sector, especially existing manufacturing, distribution, and retailing businesses within the textile industry
  • Establish a Think Tank comprised of industry and academic experts within the region to provide guidance, monitoring, and reporting for this project
  • Create Centers of Excellence to develop new techniques, technologies, and materials in the textile industry
  • Create a marketing and promotion plan to inform Americans of this project

The Bottom Line:

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